At the (RPCF), Reggie Prostate Cancer Foundation, We are doing everything in our power to beat cancer. Starting a little more than a decade ago, we turned the “cancer establishment” on its ear, transforming prostate cancer research from a backwater into one of the most important areas of cancer research. We are trying raised more than $20 million from major donors, corporations, leading brands and individuals to fund prostate cancer research, quickly establishing the RPCF as the world’s newly philanthropic source of support for prostate cancer research.

We have funded more than 1,200 prostate cancer research projects at more than 100 institutions worldwide. We have successfully advocated for massive increases in federal funding for prostate cancer research, leveraging your contributions many times over. Reggie Prostate Cancer Foundation Moreover, we have continuously worked to clear the barriers to successful prostate cancer research. We have established novel alliances among research institutions and bridged the gap between clinicians in the various medical disciplines, providing them with valuable insight into the research process and gaining their help in speeding prostate.