Reggie Prostate Cancer Foundation To Build $12m 1000-Bed Cancer Hospital In Owerri, Nigeria – Ventures Africa.

2019-2023– Reggie Prostate Cancer Foundation to Build a $12Million 1000-Bed Cancer Hospital in Owerri, Nigeria. The project which will be implemented via his Reggie Foundation will cost an estimated N4,312,560,000.00 be mounted within the premises of the Reggie Cancer Specialist Hospital.

Guiding Principles in Planning Hospital Facilities and Services

  1. High-Quality Patient Care
  2. Preliminary Survey
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Equipment Planning
  5. Permanent Hospital Organization
  6. Functional Plans for Hospital Construction
  7. Planning the Hospital Building
  8. General Features

Engineering Development: The master site plan for the Hospital in 2018, while he was Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland, USA.

He oversaw the detailed drawing of the building of the Hospital, which was designed by civil Engineer, associated with project management consultant Nwabueze Maduako Columbus Architects in Imo State, Nigeria. Design details on site were handled by Attorney Stephen Ejifor & Associates of law in Lagos in April 2018 and the Hospital will open its doors for patients on December 2025.

Expenses Naira US$
Land and Building N4,317,240,000.00 $12,000,000.00
Medical Equipment N2,158,620,000.00 $6,000,000.00
Ancillary Equipment N719,540.000.00 $2,000,000.00
Total N7,195,400,000.00 US$20,000,000.00