Tumor Cancer Patient Guide and Join the RPCF Team fight against TumorCancer & prostate cancer.

Emmanuel Egbuka Newly Diagnosed: A biopsy is a main way to diagnose many types of cancer.There are different kinds of biopsies. For some types, your   doctor will make a small cut in the skin to some tissue.


Emmanuel Egbuka staging : staging surgery is done to learn how large the tumor is,if it has spread, and if so ,where . Your doctor may remove the entire tumor or take a sample.


Emmanuel Egbuka turmor cancer Video removal 1st surgery: Removing a tumor is a common type of cancer surgery. This may also be called a resection or excision.” Your doctor usually takes out the tumor and some of the healthy tissue near it. The tissue around the tumor is called the margin.


2nd surgery for Emmanuel Egbuka Reconstructive Surgery: Treating cancer can change the way you look or how your body works.Reconstructive surgery can help with the effects of cancer treatment. Sometimes, reconstructive surgery is done at the same time the tumor is removed. Or your might wait until you have healed or had other treatments.


Tumor cancer need additional treatments, like chemotherapy orradiation therapy.




Dear family & friends,

I, undersigned, am writing you this letter on behalf of Reggie prostate cancer foundation for cancer patient Mr. Emmanuel Egbuka , a non-profit Organization which working to provide health facilities to parents in Nigeria & United States. Every year our organization organizes a fundraising campaign with an intention to gather funds and food items to help the  cancer patients with the treatments.

I request friends  , communities  and family to extend your support towards the cause is your contribution by demand draft in favor of Reggie prostate cancer foundation for cancer patients example like Mr.Emmanuel , He was diagnosed with tumor cancer in Nigeria   year 2021. The collection of the fund will be directed towards to Mr. Emmanuel Egbuka tumor cancer patient who are unable to get treated because of monetary reasons. We will be using these funds for their medication, chemotherapy , Radiation ,feeding and wellness to give a better life. Emmanuel Egbuka  underwent surgery  two times a year. He credits the support of his wife , brothers, sisters and many good friends with helping him through his diagnosis and treatment.
In  2022  this year! ,the tumor cancer returned in his breast and brain.Emmanuel Egbuka team (RPCF) has been there every step of the way , helping to make a chemotherapy treatment plan for his changing situation. .Right now the doctor  refer him to chemotherapy and radiation for more treatment.
His Doctor discovered a tumor in his breast and brain . He will go 6 rounds of chemotherapy to eliminate any remaining cancer found in his  body.
It was a hard time both physically and emotionally, as it brought up painful memories of her mother’s diagnosis. But Emmanuel Egbuka also resolved to use those experiences to make decisions around her care and treatment. From the very beginning, Egbuka decided cancer treatment is often is very difficult experience, but steps can be taken to be sure that the side effects of treatment are well managed.

Thanking you in anticipation for giving us your time and Considering our request for donating funds and prayers for our cancer patient Mr. Emmanuel Egbuka. If you have any queries about our Reggie prostate cancer foundation or the work that we do, please feel free to contact on the number  +1 443 531 7177or Dr.Adesoji  doctor in Nigeria  +234 8037762543 or  Dr . Emmanuel Andrn +2349059006683 share on the Video.

Your sincerely
Reginald Nwaike Onwuka
President and Chief Executive Office.


Save Lives

Join the Reggie Prostate Cancer Foundation Team fight against Prostate Cancer & Tumor Cancer.

Dear family & friends,

Reggie Prostate Cancer Foundation has been a part of my career for 4 years. Reggie prostate cancer foundation is the world’s newly philanthropic organization dedicated to funding life-saving prostate cancer research , has seen fit to appoint me it’s new  President and chief Executive Office.Iam the founder of the RPCF family.

It is a great honor and privilege to be trusted with such an exception opportunity to lead this world- class organization dedicated to advance life- saving research that will end death and suffering from prostate cancer or cancer.

Iam grateful to have been a part of this rich scientific community.Iam thrilled to be working with the phenomenal team here to shape the future of prostate cancer research into new cures, treatment and understand of the disease.

Thank you for having me as part of your team! I look forward to working  with quality charities that truly care about their cause and use your contributions most effectively. Your generous  donation will help fight children’s cancer & men prostate cancer. blessings bestowed, share our Reggie prostate cancer foundation values, and save lives.

I hope I can count on your donation today as a vote of your support.

Humbly yours


Hon.Reginald Nwaike Onwuka
President and Chief Executive Officer.

Every year ,the union for international cancer control organizesworld cancer Day which aims to Save Millions of preventable deaths each yearbut raising awareness and education about cancer and pressing government andindividual across the world action against the disease.

Request donation to tumor cancer patient

Dear family & friends,

Reggie Prostate Cancer Foundation, with the objectives of saving lives ,one at a time. RPCF is one of the philanthropic organization dedicated to the research and eradication of prostate cancer. Today,we are with Egbuka Emmanuel,who has cancer and this Pictures is being made for the international communities , non-profit organization and  NGOS to assist him, so as to save him from this dangerous disease. We are calling on those with good heart to render an assistance to this young man, who is  of little age and has a family to care for. We are begging all NGOS , non-profit organization and communities within and outside Nigeria to come to his rescue.  Reggie prostate cancer foundation saves lives.

Reggie Prostate Cancer Foundation: Donate to Fight Against tumor cancer & Prostate Cancer
By the time you read this page, another man will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. It happens every 3 minutes. There’s no better time than now to take action in the fight against prostate cancer.

Donate in honor or in memory of someone special today.

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