When the project required more financing for the ongoing construction, Reginald Nwaike wants to launch a mass contact campaign in which he will tour 27 cities in the country and our goal to raise $ 20 million. The campaign for the construction of the hospital, over a million individual donors from ordinary citizens to the rich and famous pitched in. Everything from cash to jewelry and valuables to donate. Engineering developed the master plan for the Hospital in 2018, consultant/attending medical staff, and senior nursing and administrative staff. He remains the Chief Medical Advisor and Member, Board of Governors, RPCF continuing to be involved with program development, quality control, and recruitment of consultant staff, as well as Professor of Medicine Many young innocent lives will be saved at Reggie Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. Reggie Prostate cancer foundation will make it possible to treat almost 75% of patients for free. This project needs 2 billion Naira to help those who cannot afford to pay for their own treatment. While the revenue.

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